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We are about the Team. Together everyone achieves more. 

Stefani Longshamp


With over 20 years in the design world as a Designer and Creative Director, I've witnessed personally how design can positively transform the lives of human beings. As a former high-school basketball player, artistic sci-fi nerd and lover of design, architecture, music, fashion, sports, food and technology. I've built my career around understanding youth culture and using this knowledge to grow brands, drive growth and create amazing works of art and experiences for the organizations I have served.

As a representative of the world's greatest athletic footwear and apparel brand, I have had opportunity to orchestrate, launch and lead some incredible, major scale programs and campaigns, including the launch
of the Nike x NFL partnership (which represented the largest PR launch the brand had ever done).

I'm a passionate, invested and consumer-focused leader who sincerely enjoys building and motivating teams whose members consistently demonstrate curiosity, competitiveness, creativity and a collaborative spirit as they knock it out of the park
with astounding results.

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